Window types

There are lots of different window styles on the market place. Take a look at A&C’s quick guide below to see the difference between each style.

All of the products we use to make your windows have been painstakingly designed to ensure that they are as thermally efficient and secure as possible.

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Optima casement window
Optima casement window

Casement windows

These are our most popular style of window. Introduced in the 1980’s this classic window has come a long way in terms of technological advances.

The design classic with its outwards opening panes will never go out of style. From a simple arrangement with a single opener to a beautiful bay, casement windows suit so many homes and building types.

You choose the layout to suit your home: the size and position of the opening lights, the location of handles and all the finishing touches. Your casement window can be minimal with clean lines or include details that make a real impact.

Window Frames


This type of window has a very clean angular finish to the product

Chamfered casement window cross section


These windows are softer with a curved detail to the edges.

Sculptured casement window cross section


The opening window sits flush in its frame, rather than standing proud.

Flush casement cross section

Flush casement

A flush casement is where the opening window sits flush in its frame, rather than standing proud.

It’s a design that is elegant in its simplicity and is found in properties from all periods. The understated lines of this window make them ideal for more contemporary properties which rely on minimalist styling.

Flush Casements replicate the timber original’s appearance to perfection but go well beyond in terms of thermal performance and weathering capability. Now it’s possible to have the look you want and the comfort you need.

To complete the look our Flush Casements have their own friction hinges, dummy peg stays and, monkey-tail handles. All finished the way you’d expect, with period colours and a craftsman’s attention to detail.

Flush casement window
Sash windows

Sash windows

Since the 17th century, these elegantly proportioned windows have been bringing effective ventilation into homes. Plain and simple, dressed to impress with Georgian bars, or with the flourish of sash horns, they’re as much at home in a grand townhouse as in a small cottage. And with the modern version, you get real practicality, insulation and security on top of the classic looks.

As well as the detail of sash horns, we’ve selected hardware that includes tilt buttons, lift hooks, sash locks, handles or ring pulls. Even though our sashes perform better than the old, timber styles, we want them to look the part.

Glazing bars

You can have as many as you like or none at all. But if you choose glazing bars, you’ll have beautiful ovolo detailing and a choice of size because proportion is all important in sash windows. Our glazing bars faithfully replicate the appearance of small panes but have none of their drawbacks and never need painting.

Warm hearted

Our sash windows can achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating. Flush gaskets keep out the rain and mimic a traditional putty line, and draughts are prevented with pile seals to the sash and outer frame. The multi-chambered profiles and double glazed sealed units insulate your home from heat loss and external noise

Tilt and Turn windows

Sometimes outwards opening windows are not practical or don’t suit your architecture. Perhaps you live somewhere with access issues or have windows on high elevations. If your home needs something different, Tilt and Turn windows could well be the answer you’re looking for.

Tilt and Turns are easy to use and live with, provide plenty of ventilation and are simple to clean – no more putting up with filthy glass or balancing on ladders to clean them. Even better Tilt and Turns can be configured in all sorts of ways to suit your home.

Another alternative for homes with access problems is a Fully Reversible window. This uses balance mechanisms to allow a window to be opened and fully rotated for cleaning outside your home. The Optima Fully Reversible window incorporates exceptional standards of weather protection and insulation, and not only looks superb but also works perfectly too.

Shaped windows

It’s a popular misconception that modular replacement windows and doors are all rectangular in shape. On the contrary, Swish Windows & Doors PVC-U windows can be supplied in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from circular portholes and gothic arches to gently curving bays.

French windows

Known as ‘flying mullion’ window each unit comprises a pair of windows that open outwards, offering an unspoilt view that’s not broken by a central vertical frame member.

The result is a large opening space that offers uninterrupted vistas and improved air flow – ideal for the summer months when you want to bring the great outdoors into your home. Beautifully crafted, Swish Windows & Doors French windows also have a symmetrical aesthetic appeal.

An additional safety feature is that they can provide an alternative escape route from inside to outside. French windows are perfect for householders who want to fill a room with light and warmth in the summer months without losing any of the windows, energy efficiency in terms of insulation.