Repair, update and refresh your existing windows, doors and conservatories.

A&C have a specialised ‘Window Doctor’ who will undertake all types of double/triple glazing repairs around the Torbay and wider Devon areas. This could help you to make huge savings – if it can be fully repaired we will help you with this. If in doubt, please ask and we’ll assess the issue. Common problems include:

  • Misted Double Glazing – When the seal around a double glazed unit breaks down, moisture is able to get inside and causes condensation.
  • Broken Glazing – As experienced glaziers we are able to undertake all broken glazing repairs with our prompt and reliable service.
  • Broken Hinges – When hinges reach the end of their life span they can become troublesome and in some cases break completely. We can replace these for you.
  • Failed Locks – We’re able to help with all lock related problems from adjustments to complete replacements.

Often, we can help you to resolve these issues efficiently and at low cost – speak to our window doctor for advice.

There are many simple ways to ensure you get the best out of your A&C products – see our u-PVC Care Guide for A&C’s top tips.

If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat through any questions you may have